Housing, Highways and Systemic Racism (podcast)

Jessica Toledo · Minnesota Daily · 25 June 2020

What does systemic racism look like? In this episode, we look at how housing discrimination in theory and in practice in the Twin Cities contributes to the dramatic racial disparities in Minneapolis.

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Evictions are likely to skyrocket this summer as jobs remain scarce. Black renters will be hard hit.

Renae Merle · Washington Post · 6 July 2020

Eviction moratoriums and unemployment benefits are expiring, which will have a bigger effect on minority neighborhoods, experts say.

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Across U.S., millions of vulnerable renters face eviction

Caitlin Dickerson · StarTribune · 4 July 2020

When the nation’s economy ground to a halt this spring, economists warned that an avalanche of evictions was looming. The federal government and many states rushed to ban them temporarily. Twenty states, including Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin, have since lifted their restrictions, and researchers have tracked thousands of recent eviction filings in places where data is available. Eviction bans in nine other states — including Minnesota — and at the federal level are set to expire by the end of the month.

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The America We Need

· New York Times · 17 May 2020

Widening gaps in income, wealth and opportunity in the years before the virus hit left everyone more vulnerable to the disease. It undermined the nation’s defenses and weakened its response. Yet the devastation of the pandemic has also created an opportunity to begin to put things right, to ensure that the America that ultimately emerges is more just, more free and less fragile.

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This area’s been told for decades: Segregation won’t work

Myron Orfield and Will Stancil · StarTribune · 22 June 2020

Civil rights advocates have spent 50 years warning Minneapolis that segregation couldn’t work. This month, the region’s persistent racial inequality and social isolation broke out into fiery unrest.

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How COVID-19 has affected the price of rent in the Twin Cities

Greta Kaul · MinnPost · 18 June 2020

While COVID-19 seems to have blunted the growth of rent prices somewhat, its longer-term effects on rent — and renters — remain unclear.

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America’s Cities Could House Everyone if They Chose To

Binyamin Appelbaum · New York Times · 15 May 2020

Homelessness in the United States is the most extreme manifestation of a broader housing crisis.

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Mapping prejudice: A painful part of Minneapolis history

· University of Minnesota · 7 June 2020

This project has uncovered, documented, and mapped the systematic use of property deeds to enforce racial segregation in the Minneapolis area.

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Embattled landlord Frenz sells the last of his Minneapolis buildings, giving control to tenants

Randy Furst · StarTribune · 18 May 2020

Low-income tenants in south Minneapolis will gain control of five apartment buildings from embattled ex-landlord Stephen Frenz, ending a bitter fight after complaints of substandard conditions and attempted evictions.

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Just Because You Can Afford to Leave the City Doesn’t Mean You Should

Mary T. Bassett · New York Times · 15 May 2020

It’s a mistake to blame density for the spread of the coronavirus. Cities, large and dense by definition, do not inevitably support explosive viral transmission. But factors that do seem to explain clusters of Covid-19 deaths in the United States are household crowding, poverty, racialized economic segregation and participation in the work force. The patterns of Covid-19 by neighborhood in New York City track historical redlining that some 80 years ago established a legacy of racial residential segregation.

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