ENAH City Council Candidates Forum – October 5, 2020 – Video part 1

Edina Neighbors for Affordable Housing · · 5 October 2020

Click on “read article” to view the first part of the video of the forum; candidates James Pierce, Josh Ahlberg, Ukasha Dakane, Carolyn Jackson, and most of the time with Janet Kitui.

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ENAH City Council Candidates Forum – October 5, 2020 – Video part 2

Edina Neighbors for Affordable Housing · · 5 October 2020

Click on “read article” to view the second part of the video of the forum: end of Q&A with Janet Kitui, followed by Rhonda Bland.

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Starting October 13 · University of Pennsylvania ·

Learn about the challenges facing cities today, and converse with some of the pre-eminent minds in urban research. Click on “read article” for registration information.

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Will the Federal Hammer Come Down on Apartment Bans?

Dan Bertolet · Sightline Institute · 3 September 2020

Momentum has been building for federal action on zoning laws that shut out poor people by banning modest, multi-dwelling homes.

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How Decades of Racist Housing Policy Left Neighborhoods Sweltering

Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich · New York Times · 24 August 2020

In the 20th century, local and federal officials, usually white, enacted policies that reinforced racial segregation in cities and diverted investment away from minority neighborhoods in ways that created large disparities in the urban heat environment. The consequences are being felt today.

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What Happens Next With Affordable Housing?

Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene · Route Fifty · 20 August 2020

States and local governments already haven’t been investing enough to help build housing that poor families, and sometimes even middle-class people, can afford. And now funding could be yet another victim of the coronavirus.

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Changing the Federal Reserve mandate could provide a down payment to ending racial inequality

William M. Rodgers III · The Conversation · 17 August 2020

The availability of data clearly showing just how wide the racial inequality gap is would put pressure on Congress to find ways to help Black Americans accumulate wealth and the means to secure affordable housing.

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The Black Lives Next Door

Richard Rothstein · New York Times · 14 August 2020

How can we move towards residential desegregation?

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Advancing the Mapping Prejudice project

Allison Campbell-Jensen · · 29 July 2020

After exposing structural racism in Hennepin County, the Mapping Prejudice project at the University of Minnesota Libraries has received new funding to develop its digital tools so they can be used by communities across the country.

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A Lot of Americans Are About to Lose Their Homes

Derek Thompson · The Atlantic · 15 July 2020

The current housing crisis could get messy quickly, but fixing it shouldn’t be complicated, if Congress intervenes.

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