‘She Wants Well-Qualified People’: 88 Landlords Accused of Housing Bias

Matthew Haag · New York Times · 15 March 2021

A lawsuit by a watchdog group claims that its undercover investigation found widespread bias against tenants receiving federal housing assistance.

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Your Home’s Value Is Based on Racism

Dorothy A. Brown · New York Times · 20 March 2021

Black Americans are often unable to build wealth from homeownership in the same way their white peers are, in large part because home prices are generally set by the people who make up the majority of buyers: white Americans.

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Is an Algorithm Less Racist Than a Loan Officer?

Jennifer Miller · New York Times · 18 September 2020

Digital mortgage platforms have the potential to reduce discrimination. But automated systems provide rich opportunities to perpetuate bias, too.

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To Help Black Developers, Programs Start With Access to Capital

Amanda Abrams · New York Times · 17 March 2021

Several banks have announced initiatives totaling billions of dollars that are aimed at addressing racial inequalities, but observers say the programs need to be carefully tailored.

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Making homeownership affordable needs bigger effort in Minnesota

Jeff Washburne · StarTribune · 14 March 2021

Minnesotans have done a great job of studying reporting, and making goals to address racial disparities but have not moved on the racial disparities that exist in homeownership.

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Classic Minneapolis Tudor home with modern ADU hits market for $630K

Kim Palmer · StarTribune · 15 March 2021

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) allowed parents to retire in their adult child’s backyard.

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City to preserve smaller homes

Kim Hyatt · StarTribune · 14 March 2021

Edina is partnering with Homes Within Reach to preserve affordable homes in the city.

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Campaign looks to prevent home teardowns in Edina

Caitlin Anderson · Edina Sun-Current · 10 March 2021

The Homes Within Reach program is intended to save affordable single-family homes in Edina, rather than seeing them torn down and replaced by luxury homes.

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Where Have All the Houses Gone?

Emily Badger and Quoctrung Bui · New York Times · 26 February 2021

The inventory of homes for sale is startlingly low. The pandemic is part of the reason, but it’s not the whole story.

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A Push for Zoning Reform in Connecticut

Lisa Prevost · New York Times · 26 February 2021

Momentum is growing for multifamily housing to be built in a state full of detached single-family houses.

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