Edina Neighbors for Affordable Housing (ENAH) is an all-volunteer organization of Edina residents who believe that Edina should be an equitable, welcoming, and sustainable community with senior and workforce housing available for people of all income levels at all stages of life.


Why townhouses are the stars of the Twin Cities area housing market

StarTribune · 2 December 2023

During October, townhouse sales in the metro rose 6.5% compared with last year, compared with a nearly 8% decline in single-family sales, according to the latest data from the Minneapolis Area Realtors.

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Striking the right balance to attract affordable housing

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis · 3 October 2023

How the Bloomington MN Opportunity Housing Ordinance both mandates more affordable units and satisfies developers.

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Affordable housing should be built across the Twin Cities, but instead we keep fighting

StarTribune · 25 October 2023

Affordable housing is now an economic imperative.

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Houses are too expensive. Apartments are too small. Is this a fix?

Washington Post · 20 October 2023

Missing middle housing doesn’t refer to the middle class. Rather, it’s about a certain kind of housing — including townhouses, duplexes and small garden apartments.

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Cities try every tool to fix the housing crisis except what works By Catherine Rampell

Washington Post · 20 October 2023

Across the country, demand for affordable housing continues to exceed supply. The solution, then, should be clear: increase supply, by making it easier to build.

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St. Paul poised to allow triplexes almost anywhere in the city

MinnPost · 11 October 2023

Duplexes or triplexes would be allowed on almost any lot in St. Paul. Fourplexes would be permitted on any lot that is large enough.

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One Way to Help Teacher Salaries Go Further: Free Housing

New York Times · 30 September 2023

A project in Connecticut is an effort to improve the quality of life for early childhood educators and increase their buying power, without raising tuition costs for parents.

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Can Affluence and Affordable Housing Coexist in Colorado’s Rockies?

New York Times · 17 August 2023

Inequality has always been rampant within the orbit of popular destinations. But the financial knock-on effects of those ritzy spheres have expanded as the pandemic-induced surge in remote work has supercharged divides.

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The Magic of the Granny Flat

New York Times · 6 September 2023

A.D.U.s are seen by experts on aging as a promising tool for addressing a critical shortage of housing for older Americans.

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‘This can’t go on forever’: Forum will address ongoing housing needs of adults with serious mental illness

MinnPost · 5 September 2023

A group of parents who have adlt children with disabilities and mental health challenges has organized a forum titled, “Housing Dilemma for Adults with Serious Mental Illness: What Happens After Parents are Gone?” to be held at Edina City Hall, 4801 2. 50 th St., on Wednesday, Sept. 6, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The forum is sponsored by NAMI Minnesota and the League of Women Voters.

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Why Housing Reform Worked in Montana

Bloomberg CityLab · 31 August 2023

A unique mix of environmentalism and individualism helped this rural state build a coalition around pro-housing bills.

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This Is Public Housing. Just Don’t Call It That.

New York Times · 25 August 2023

Montgomery County, Md., like many places, has an affordable housing crisis. So it started acting like a benevolent real estate investor.

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Waning housing affordability imperils economic growth in Minnesota

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis · 14 August 2023

Higher housing prices put the state at risk of losing a competitive edge.

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New law lets Minn. churches help homeless people by building tiny homes on property

StarTribune · 6 August 2023

Twin Cities faith communities are hoping to help curb homelessness by building tiny houses on their land. They will get help from a new state law next year requiring municipalities to approve such “sacred communities” that meet a list of rules.

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Rent is finally cooling. See how prices have changed in your area.

Washington Post · 31 July 2023

Monthly asking prices shot up by 15 percent between 2020 and 2022, marking the fastest run-up in rents in nearly a century. But now costs are calming down.

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