Edina Neighbors for Affordable Housing (ENAH) is an all-volunteer organization of Edina residents who believe that Edina should be an equitable, welcoming, and sustainable community with senior and workforce housing available for people of all income levels at all stages of life.


Developers Got Backing for Affordable Housing. Then the Neighborhood Found Out.

New York Times · 1 March 2024

The push from an affluent community in South Carolina to kill a plan for 60 subsidized apartments brought into public view how hard it is to give low-income families access to opportunity-rich neighborhoods.

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It’s Massachusetts v. Milton in a key test of state’s ambitious new housing law

Boston Globe · 27 February 2024

The court case could represent a defining moment for Massachusetts’ most ambitious
housing law in decades.

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Bill looks to supersede residential zoning rules across Minnesota

StarTribune · 21 February 2024

A bipartisan group of legislators want to relax local zoning rules that block apartments from being built in many Minnesota cities.

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Want to reform housing? Take a look at parking.

Route Fifty · 8 February 2024

The expectation of easy and free parking is partly behind the country’s housing shortage, putting more pressure on state and local leaders to rethink the ubiquitous parking infrastructure.

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Amid a Housing Crunch, Religious Groups Unlock Land to Build Homes

New York Times · 24 January 2024

Faith-based organizations are seeing the need and feeling the pull to do something to address the need for affordable housing.

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Teachers can’t afford housing, so school districts are building homes

Route Fifty · 4 January 2024

Teachers often do not earn enough to cover housing costs. It’s a challenge exacerbating an already dire teacher shortage in many communities, pushing some school districts to dive right into the housing industry.

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New York City Aims to Build Affordable Housing in Wealthier Neighborhoods

New York Times · 26 December 2023

New York City officials on Tuesday will put forward a plan to direct public money toward mixed-income housing projects in wealthier neighborhoods.

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How College Football Is Clobbering Housing Markets Across the Country

New York Times · 18 December 2023

Short-term rentals are taking over college towns.

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Here’s How Houston Is Fighting Homelessness — and Winning

New York Times · 22 November 2023

The Houston region has slashed homelessness by more than 60 percent since 2011.

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The Old New Way to Provide Cheap Housing

New York Times · 9 December 2023

An old idea is coming around again, an approach to providing inexpensive housing that’s gaining ground around the country:converting single-family houses to rooming houses.

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Why townhouses are the stars of the Twin Cities area housing market

StarTribune · 2 December 2023

During October, townhouse sales in the metro rose 6.5% compared with last year, compared with a nearly 8% decline in single-family sales, according to the latest data from the Minneapolis Area Realtors.

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Striking the right balance to attract affordable housing

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis · 3 October 2023

How the Bloomington MN Opportunity Housing Ordinance both mandates more affordable units and satisfies developers.

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Affordable housing should be built across the Twin Cities, but instead we keep fighting

StarTribune · 25 October 2023

Affordable housing is now an economic imperative.

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Houses are too expensive. Apartments are too small. Is this a fix?

Washington Post · 20 October 2023

Missing middle housing doesn’t refer to the middle class. Rather, it’s about a certain kind of housing — including townhouses, duplexes and small garden apartments.

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Cities try every tool to fix the housing crisis except what works By Catherine Rampell

Washington Post · 20 October 2023

Across the country, demand for affordable housing continues to exceed supply. The solution, then, should be clear: increase supply, by making it easier to build.

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