In Matthew Desmond’s ‘Poverty, by America,’ the Culprit Is Us

Alec MacGillis · NYTimes · 13 March 2023

The endurance of poverty in the United States is the product not only of larger shifts such as deindustrialization and family dissolution, but of choices and actions by more fortunate Americans. This includes exclusionary zoning in suburbs.

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Program aims to close racial gap by helping prospective Black homeowners

Kelly Smith · StarTribune · 10 February 2023

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and the Minnesota Homeownership Center are launching a new down payment assistance program.

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Senior Housing that Seniors Actually Like

Paula Span · New York Times · 29 January 2023

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are on the rise.

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Homeless mom left her dog with note, ‘please love me.’ A shelter reunited them.

Sydney Page · Washington Post · 27 January, 2023

Lilo, a 4-year-old German shepherd-Great Pyrenees mix, was found wandering inChattanooga, Tennessee, alone. Her family was homeless. The shortage of pet-friendly shelters and affordable housing presents a challenge to those seeking to reunite the family with their beloved pet.

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The Governors Wading Deeper Into the Housing Crisis

Molly Bolan and Daniel C. Vock · Route Fifty · 20 January 2023

A national housing crunch is spurring governors around the country to venture into debates that typically consume local officials: regulating where new housing can go and figuring out how to entice developers to build more of it.

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What would it take to turn more offices into housing?

Emma Goldberg · New York Times · 27 December 2022

Empty office space could be turned into housing.

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Smaller lots, cheaper homes?

Josie Albertson-Grove · StarTribune · 27 December 2022

Richfield and Bllomington are looking at zoning changes to improve the affordability of homes.

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The Climate Impact of Your Neighborhood, Mapped

Nadja Popovich, Mira Rojanasakul and Brad Plumer · New York Times · 13 December 2022

This article allows the reader to zero in on graphics showing neighborhood-by neighborhood climate impact. Higher density housing is associated with less climate impact.

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Minnesota Housing Announces 2022 Project Selections

Minnesota Housing · Minnesota Housing · 16 December 2022

THe Minnesota Housing board of directors approved funding selections of $165.5 million to create and preserve 2,156 homes, apartments and manufactured home community lots.

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Leaders at the Capitol say Minnesota has chance to ‘go really big’ on housing

Peter Callaghan · MinnPost · 28 November 2022

A budget surplus, DFL control ofthe legislature, and the bipartisan nature of housing issues are leading to optimism about housing at the State Capitol.

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