Rent is finally cooling. See how prices have changed in your area.

Hanna Zakharenko, Abha Bhattarai and Janice Kai Chen · Washington Post · 31 July 2023

Monthly asking prices shot up by 15 percent between 2020 and 2022, marking the fastest run-up in rents in nearly a century. But now costs are calming down.

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Suburbs find low-income housing out of their grasp

Josie Albertson-Grove · StarTribune · 23 July 2023

Developers say they need more public funding than what cities alone can offer to subsidize housing for people with lower incomes, especially those making less than 30% of the area median income.

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Inflation may be cooling, but the housing market is still too hot for many buyers

Eric Kenney, NPR · MPR News · 20 July 2023

The median home price has risen to $413,800, the second-highest price ever, even as existing-home sales decline. Rental prices have risen 26 percent since Feb. 2020.

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States target ‘junk fees’ that burden rental households

Molly Bolan · Route Fifty · 19 July 2023

The White House announced new efforts to improve transparency in the rental market, to ensure renters are told the total cost of fees added to monthly rent costs.

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Boosting affordable housing by reclaiming investor-owned properties

Liz Farmer · Route Fifty · 6 July 2023

One-quarter of homes sold in 2021 were purchased by outside investors, and many believe this has intensified the affordability crisis via higher rents, lower rates of individual homeownership and less affordable neighborhoods.

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A different kind of green bank—one that targets affordable housing

Molly Bolan · Route Fifty · 21 June 2023

The state of Massachusetts launched the Massachusetts Community Climate Bank in an effort to create more climate-friendly, affordable housing.

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Minnesota health organizations working to create affordable housing

Ava Kian · MinnPost · 14 June 2023

Improving housing will positively impact health care organizations because there are high costs associated with patients who frequently come into the emergency room.

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Affordable Housing Woes Paint a ‘Bleak Picture’

Patrick Sisson · New York Times · 14 June 2023

So many developments have been sidetracked or delayed that some experts expect a “production cliff” to hit in a year or so, meaning fewer new homes coming onto the market.

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Think Globally, Build Like Hell Locally

Clara Jeffery · Mother Jones · May-June 2023

NIMBYs come in a variety of forms, but the most confounding are those who call themselves progressive yet abuse laws conceived to protect the environment in order to block desperately needed housing, driving up costs and fueling homelessness.

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Imagine a Renters’ Utopia. It Might Look Like Vienna.

Francesca Mari · New York Times · 23 May 2023

Soaring real estate markets have created a worldwide housing crisis. What can we learn from a city that has largely avoided it?

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