Edina Neighbors for Affordable Housing (ENAH) is an all-volunteer organization of Edina residents who believe that Edina should be an equitable, welcoming, and sustainable community with senior and workforce housing available for people of all income levels at all stages of life.


Housing Parents in a Pandemic: How About the Backyard?

New York Times · 5 February 2021

While not currently allowed in Edina, this article about accessory dwelling units (ADUs) describes a growing trend. The article says, “In recent years…urban planners and policy wonks have hailed [ADUs] as a major solution to growing housing shortages for the country’s ballooning senior population. The option is especially attractive in denser areas where homes are typically expensive and unfit for people who might someday struggle with stairs and slippery bathtubs.”

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Pandemic’s Toll on Housing: Falling Behind, Doubling Up

New York Times · 6 February 2021

A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia showed that tenants who lost jobs in the pandemic had amassed billions of debt in rental arrears. They are doubling up with other families and having difficulty putting food on the table.

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Duluth invests in tiny homes

Star Tribune eEdition · 30 January 2021

Developers are planning more than a dozen tiny homes in Duluth, including an eight-unit park that is among the first and largest such developments in the state.

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Affordable housing complex going up on former studio site

Star Tribune eEdition · 19 january 2021

Aeon will build a 70-unit affordable housing building in the Southdale area, at 76th and France.

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The Life in “The Simpsons” Is No Longer Attainable

The Atlantic · 29 December 2020

One of TV’s most popular fictional families had stable housing and a middle class existence on the salary of one person without a college degree. In the 32 years since The Simpsons first aired, the purchasing power of the median paycheck has gone down dramatically.

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Struggling renters face avalanche of evictions without federal aid

Washington Post · 25 December 2020

Congress and President Trump have yet to approve emergency aid for renters or extend an eviction moratorium beyond Dec. 31, when it is set to expire.

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What’s Between 30 Million Americans and an Eviction Tsunami?

New York Times · 2 December 2020

After December 31, millions of Americans are at risk of losing their homes as the federal eviction moratorium expires.

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Climate crisis to triple flooding threat for low-income US homes by 2050

The Guardian · 1 December 2020

Affordable housing in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and California is at risk of flooding from storms or high tides pushed by rising sea levels.

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Malcolm Yards set to move forward following county funding

Minnesota Daily · 1 December 2020

Hennepin County has approved a $250,000 grant for 142 units of affordable housing at Malcolm Yards in Prospect Park, Minneapolis.

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Residents Feared Low-Income Housing Would Ruin Their Suburb. It Didn’t.

New York Times · 5 November 2020

“The reality in New Berlin is that the mixed-income development, surrounded by a pond, a farmers’ market and a library, is “really rather attractive,” said Mayor Dave Ament, who is white and staunchly opposed the project as an alderman a decade ago.”

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ENAH City Council Candidates Forum – October 5, 2020 – part 2 ADDENDUM

· 20 October 2020

These closing comments by candidate Rhonda Bland were inadvertently left out of Video part 2.

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ENAH City Council Candidates Forum – October 5, 2020 – Video part 1

· 5 October 2020

Click on “read article” to view the first part of the video of the forum; candidates James Pierce, Josh Ahlberg, Ukasha Dakane, Carolyn Jackson, and most of the time with Janet Kitui.

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ENAH City Council Candidates Forum – October 5, 2020 – Video part 2

· 5 October 2020

Click on “read article” to view the second part of the video of the forum: end of Q&A with Janet Kitui, followed by Rhonda Bland.

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University of Pennsylvania ·

Learn about the challenges facing cities today, and converse with some of the pre-eminent minds in urban research. Click on “read article” for registration information.

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Will the Federal Hammer Come Down on Apartment Bans?

Sightline Institute · 3 September 2020

Momentum has been building for federal action on zoning laws that shut out poor people by banning modest, multi-dwelling homes.

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