Advancing the Mapping Prejudice project

Allison Campbell-Jensen · · 29 July 2020

After exposing structural racism in Hennepin County, the Mapping Prejudice project at the University of Minnesota Libraries has received new funding to develop its digital tools so they can be used by communities across the country.

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A Lot of Americans Are About to Lose Their Homes

Derek Thompson · The Atlantic · 15 July 2020

The current housing crisis could get messy quickly, but fixing it shouldn’t be complicated, if Congress intervenes.

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Yet another source of inequality: Property taxes

Douglas Clement · Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis · 28 July 2020

Black and Hispanic homeowners face property tax assessment rates 10 to 13 percent higher than non-minority homeowners in same tax jurisdiction.

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Do US parents actually want integrated schools—or just say they do?

Jenny Anderson · Quartz · 11 February 2020

A new study suggests there’s widespread interest among American parents in sending their kids to schools that are substantially integrated. It’s a preference shared across racial lines and income brackets, by mothers and fathers, Democrats and Republicans, and among parents of every level of educational attainment.
So why do families, when given the choice, routinely pick schools that further segregate the system?

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Wave of evictions could be coming for nation’s renters

Niv Ellis and J. Edward Moreno · The Hill · 24 July 2020

The federal moratorium on evictions signed into law in March as part of the CARES Act is set to expire.

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Poll: Pandemic hurting Americans’ finances in disparate ways

Tammy Webber · StarTribune · 21 July 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, a new poll finds it is having different effects on Americans’ economic well-being. For some, the virus has meant lost income or struggles to pay bills on time — particularly among Hispanic, Black and younger Americans.

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Minneapolis Had This Coming

Justin Ellis · The Atlantic · 9 June 2020

No group of protesters could devastate south Minneapolis more than years of disinvestment and abandonment already have.

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Housing, Highways and Systemic Racism (podcast)

Jessica Toledo · Minnesota Daily · 25 June 2020

What does systemic racism look like? In this episode, we look at how housing discrimination in theory and in practice in the Twin Cities contributes to the dramatic racial disparities in Minneapolis.

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Evictions are likely to skyrocket this summer as jobs remain scarce. Black renters will be hard hit.

Renae Merle · Washington Post · 6 July 2020

Eviction moratoriums and unemployment benefits are expiring, which will have a bigger effect on minority neighborhoods, experts say.

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Across U.S., millions of vulnerable renters face eviction

Caitlin Dickerson · StarTribune · 4 July 2020

When the nation’s economy ground to a halt this spring, economists warned that an avalanche of evictions was looming. The federal government and many states rushed to ban them temporarily. Twenty states, including Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin, have since lifted their restrictions, and researchers have tracked thousands of recent eviction filings in places where data is available. Eviction bans in nine other states — including Minnesota — and at the federal level are set to expire by the end of the month.

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